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With this thoughtful module longer payment cycles become more attractive for your clients because it adds automatically a defined period to the products next due date. The bonus is apparent during the ordering process and the bonus gets also confirmed by e-mail after receipt of payment.

The module has a lot of configuration options!

  • The module allows you to configure individually for which groups this bonus should be available.
  • Furthermore, it is not only possible to activate the bonus for certain product groups, you can even activate the bonus for specific WHMCS product IDs. You can also exclude individual WHMCS products IDs from the bonus - this is useful for licenses or already reduced offers.
  • In addition, you can exclude individual customers from the runtime extension. Its even possible to exclude a customers product from receiving bonus (useful for individual contracts).
  • Of course the module also has the possibility that the bonus apply only to orders after a certain date and not for older orders. That is useful, if you dont want to give this bonus to existing orders, but only for new orders.


The configuration possibilities result in many useful features:

  • Bonus is shown during order process. After payment, client gets a mail which confirms that the next due date got updated.
  • Apply bonus for monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, biennially and triennially payments.
  • Apply whole WHMCS Product Groups for the bonus.
  • Exclude single WHMCS Product IDs from the allowed groups.
  • Configurate bonus for single WHMCS Product IDs.
  • Bonus can be defined in days and months.
  • Exclude Client Product IDs from bonus.
  • Exclude Clients from bonus.
  • Define a date from which order date the bonus should be active (allows you to apply the bonus only for new orders).
  • Multilanguage (Order process, Mails).


Installation of the module is completed within 10 minutes. Please follow these steps.

Module Installation

1. Extract the module archive which you downloaded from the client area.
2. Upload the module to your WHMCS installation.
3. Go to the WHMCS Admin backend, click on "Setup" -> "Addon Modules" and activate the module.
4. Click on "Configure" and do configure the values which you want to edit or leave it at the default values. At the point "Full Access IDs" you can specificate which Admins should have access to all generated PINs. Accounts which are not listed will have to use the search mask to lookup the pin. Admins must be specificated by their ID.
5. At "Access Control" select "Full Administrator".

Orderform Template Changes

Normally you want that the customer see the bonus already during the ordering process. You need to do the following change at the orderform:
1. Open "/templates/orderforms/your_order_form/configureproduct.tpl"
2. Find the pricing output. Pricing output begins at "$pricing.monthly"
3. Change the following:

Change From Change To
"{$pricing.monthly}" "{$pricing.monthly} {if $ExtendDuration.Monthly}+ {$ExtendDuration.Monthly} {/if}"
"{$pricing.quarterly}" "{$pricing.quarterly} {if $ExtendDuration.Quarterly}+ {$ExtendDuration.Quarterly} {/if}"
"{$pricing.semiannually}" "{$pricing.semiannually} {if $ExtendDuration.SemiAnnually}+ {$ExtendDuration.SemiAnnually} {/if}"
"{$pricing.annually}" "{$pricing.annually} {if $ExtendDuration.Annually}+ {$ExtendDuration.Annually} {/if}"
"{$pricing.biennially}" "{$pricing.biennially} {if $ExtendDuration.Biennially}+ {$ExtendDuration.Biennially} {/if}"
"{$pricing.triennially}" "{$pricing.triennially} {if $ExtendDuration.Triennially}+ {$ExtendDuration.Triennially} {/if}"

The template file should look like that:
Nextdue templatechange.png

Email Template

After activating the module, a new mail template gets automatically installed. It is named "Extend Next Due" and can be found at the WHMCS Mail Templates ("Setup" => "Email Templates").
This mail will get sent to the client if a bonus applies to his service. You can style the mail as you want, just take care, that you do not change the mail variables.
Nextdue mail.png


To configurate the module, click on "Addons" => "Next Due Bonus". The page has serveral informationboxes which explains how to configure the module.
After configuration is done, the bonus should be visible during ordering.
Nextdue completed.png

Multilanguage Support

Module does support multiple languages. To add a new language, just open the directory /modules/addons/extendnextdue/lang/, create a copy of the english language file and rename it to the wished language.
The variables inside of the language file are pretty self explaining.

Technical Details

Name Next Due Bonus for WHMCS
Last Updated 11.08.2017
Compatible WHMCS v6, v7
Compatible PHP PHP 5, PHP 7
Licensing One license covers one WHMCS Installation
Code encryption ionCube
Orderlink Click


Fix: Fixed a bug where installation of module could fail