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You are looking for a solution with which you can make regular payments without great effort? handles your payments online using the direct debit procedure. Clients pay at with their bank account.
This does also work for recurring payments like for hosting products. The client just need to activate once the sepa gateway and all upcoming invoices will be charged from the provider side - without assistence of the client.
That increases the payment rate dramatically because there is no need for interaction from the client to get his invoice payed.


  • Automatically charge open invoices from clients bank account or process invoices manually via module admin page
  • Manually review new SEPA sign-ups to prevent fraud or charge them automatically
  • Automatically switch default gateway of client and his products to SEPA
  • Force SEPA Gateway for new orders (if the client has previously activated SEPA)
  • API Testmode
  • Notification if payment fails
  • Multilanguage (english and german is included)
  • WHMCS v6 and v7 support
  • PHP 5 and PHP 7 support


Installation of this module is done in 2 easy steps.
First we activate the SEPA module. The module works in conjunction with the gateway. You can see the recent collected invoices or collectable invoices over the module page.
1. Extract the module archive which you downloaded from the client area.
2. Upload the module to your WHMCS installation.
3. Go to the WHMCS Admin backend, click on "Setup" -> "Addon Modules" and click "Activate" at the SEPA Module.
4. Click on "Configure", enter your license key. At Access Control select "Full Administrator".

Next activate the SEPA Gateway.
1. Click on "Setup" -> "Payments" => "Payment Gateways". Then click on "All Payment Gateways" and enable "SEPA.NET".
2. Click on "Manage Existing Gateways" and configurate the module. The individual options are explained below.
Sepa gateway config.png

Gateway Configuration Explained

Display Name

The gateway name which will be shown on the invoice page.

Account ID

Your account ID.

Secret Key

The secret key which you receive from


Enter your company or label name.


Enter your company or label domain name. This must not match with your WHMCS URL.


Enter a Client ID which will notify you via a support ticket about payment failures. If you do not have an internal client which can be used for notification, create a new client and put the client ID at the field "WHMCS Bot ID".

API Test Mode

The test mode can be used to try functions of the module. If you tick this options, the module will communicate with the test API.

Autopayment for new clients

You may want to manually review new sepa clients. If you deactivate this option, new invoices of the client will appear at the module admin page ("Addons" -> "SEPA.NET Payments") for manual review.
After you collect the first invoice of the client (click on execute), the client will be approved for the "Autopayment for existing clients" option.
If you disable this option and enable "Autopayment for existing clients" the invoice will be automatically collected.

Autopayment for existing clients

If you disable this option you need to collect every invoice manually at the module admin page ("Addons" -> "SEPA.NET Payments"). In most cases, you want that invoices gets collected automatically.
You may enable this option if you want to review every invoice before it gets collected.

Switch default gateway to SEPA

If activating this option the payment gateway of all services of the client will be changed to SEPA when he activate the SEPA Gateway. In most cases you want to have this feature enabled.

Force SEPA Gateway

If you activate this option all invoices of the client will get collected by SEPA. If the client orders a new service and choose e.g. "PayPal" at checkout, the module will override his selection and change the gateway to SEPA.
If autopayment option is enabled, the invoice will get collected instantly.


SEPA.NET wants you to specificate what you sell. For Hosting Services select "service". If you sell hardware or other goods then select "sale".


After configuration you are ready to use the module. The client selects SEPA at the invoice and needs to follow the steps to activate the gateway for his profile. After that is done, invoices can get charged with SEPA.

Technical Details

Compatible WHMCS v6, v7
Compatible PHP PHP 5, PHP 7
Licensing One license covers one WHMCS Installation
Code encryption ionCube
Orderlink Click