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This is the registrar module for Smart-nic. It is using the SOAP API.
The module is compatible with the API. Thereforce, it is full compatible for any registrar which uses domain-bestellsystem.


The module support all functions of WHMCS. This includes:

  • ID Protection
  • Transfer sync
  • Sync expire date
  • Transfer
  • Renew
  • Registrate
  • Change of whois details
  • DNS management
  • EPP Code

Moreover the module has some advanced functions which eliminates the need of manual administration.

Support for multi-year domain

Smartnic does not allow to registrate a domain for longer than 1 year. But with this module, your customers can pay for serveral years in advance and the module will auto renew the domain at smart-nic when it actually would expire. Of course this process is not visible for the customer - he will always see his payed until-date at the domain management.

Automation at Cancellation Processing

Smartnic requires a cancellation in advanced (generally 5 days or 5 weeks). This module will place automatically a cancellation at smartnic if the domain has not been renewed in advance. This means, that you do not have to care about domain cancellations. Furthermore the module will automatically revoke the cancellation if the customers pay for renewal.
Additionally to that, it will cancel domains which support "transits" as transit if there is an open invoice. If customer has no open invoice, the domain will get deleted. This is important because it does meet legal requierments.


Installation of the module is completed within minutes.
1. Extract the module archive which you downloaded from the client area.
2. Upload the module to your WHMCS installation.
3. Go to the WHMCS Admin backend, click on "Setup" -> "Products/Services" -> "Domain Registrars" and activate the module.
4. Click on "Configure" and the values.

Configuration Options


WhmcsBot is the Client ID which will notifiy you via a support ticket about cancellations which got placed at the registrar. So create a new client and put the client ID at the field WhmcsBot.


Specificate a mail address which should receive mails from the registrar. When you give in a mail address you will receive notification mails from smartnic (e.g. register or update notifications)

Contact Management (optional)

If you disable the setting "Use Clients Details" at the WHMCS general setting page, WHMCS will use your contact details for all contacts expect the registrant contact.
Smartnic contacts.png
Under circumstances you would like, that the hoster contact is deposited only in certain contacts. The module let you exactly choose on which contacts (AdminC, ZoneC, TechC, OwnerC) your details should be placed and at which contacts the client details should be placed.

ContactHandle (optional)

Instead of creating a new hoster handle for each domain, an existing contact handle can be used.
If you insert a contact handle, the address details at the WHMCS configuration (see the screenshot above) will be ignored and the given handle will be placed as contact.


After configuration you are ready to use the module.

Technical Details

Name Smartnic for WHMCS
Compatible WHMCS v6, v7
Compatible PHP PHP 5, PHP 7
Licensing One license covers one WHMCS Installation
Code encryption ionCube
Orderlink Click