Stop Clients Closing Tickets (WHMCS)

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With this module, it is possible to specificate tickets which should not get closed by the client. This is useful when you create a ticket and you want ensure that he dont just close the ticket and about forget about it (e.g. abuse reports).
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Installation of the module is completed within minutes.
1. Extract the module archive which you downloaded from the client area.
2. Upload the module to your WHMCS installation.
3. Go to the WHMCS Admin backend, click on "Setup" -> "Addon Modules" and activate the module.
4. Click on "Configure" and enter your license key.
5. At "Access Control" select nothing.

No template changes are required!


After configuration you will see a new button on the ticket page. With this button you can prevent the client from closing the ticket. It is also possible to allow the ticket closure again.
When you click on the prevent button, the "close ticket" button will disappear from the customer support page.

Technical Details

Name Stop Clients Closing Tickets
Compatible WHMCS v6, v7
Compatible PHP PHP 5, PHP 7
Licensing One license covers one WHMCS Installation
Code encryption ionCube
Orderlink Click