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When a customer opens a ticket, it usually get read by the support very quickly. But - depending on the priority - the support request does not get immediately answered. It is tedious to always change the status manually and it can happen that you forget this. The customer thinks that the ticket is not yet read at all and assumes that your support team is working so slowly.
It is therefore a good thing to show the customer that his ticket is in processing and your support is working on an answer.

This module is the solution for that problem!
When a customer opens or response to a ticket, the status of tickets get automatically changed to "In Progress" when your support team opens the support ticket.


Installation of this module is easy, please follow this steps:
1. Upload the content of the module archiv to your WHMCS installation.
2. Go to "Setup" => "Addon Modules"
3. Click "Activate" at the "Support Ticket to Progress" module and enter your license key.
4. Click on "Save Changes"

Now you are ready to use the module. When you open a support ticket which has the status "Open" or "Customer Reply" the status will get automatically changed to "In Progress".

Customize the Admin Box Message

You can customize the output of the Admin Message Box when the status got changed. To customize, edit the file ticket_message.php.
Even if this is rather insignificant, the module has multi-language support for the Admin Message Box. To modify or add new languages, open the directory lang.

Technical Details

Name Support Ticket to Progress (WHMCS)
Compatible WHMCS v6, v7
Compatible PHP PHP 5, PHP 7
Licensing One license covers one WHMCS Installation
Code encryption ionCube
Orderlink Click